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Improve your professional brand and excel in your job search with confidence. I help ambitious professionals and executives find their path, stand out, and get hired.


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The market is saturated with professionals seeking employment opportunities. As an applicant, you are facing serious competition.


As your Career Coach, we will help to ease your stress, build your confidence, establish your brand, and enhance your candidacy with potential employers.

Whether you are hunting for your next opportunity or you want to refresh your resume or LinkedIn profile, we are here to help!



Overwhelmed by LinkedIn and formatting your resume in a way that will stand out to recruiters?


Struggling to enjoy your Sundays because you are dreading work on Monday?


Feeling frustrated, under-valued, over-worked and stressed out with your current job?​​​​

Unsure of how to answer interview questions in a confident and authentic way that convinces the hiring managers that you are the right person for the position?

Are you . . .

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Meet Emily

Emily is a Nationally Certified Career Services Provider and an Associate Professional in Human Resources. Additionally, she is one of the few career coaches who has actually been a recruiter and HR professional for two Fortune 500 companies - she knows the hiring process inside and out.

Emily helps ambitious professionals (college graduates to C-Level Executives) become stand-out candidates and to excel in careers they love. She guides her clients in elevating their personal brand in the market, making career transitions out of specific industries or professions, revamping their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, fine-tuning their interview styles, and executing job search strategies.

Emily is fluent in Spanish, actively involved in professional networking activities, and is a member of the National Career Development Association. She has recently served as a panelist for Mastering Your Career's Most Important Conversation and has collaborated in hosting seminars on HR best practices.

Her greatest pleasure is when clients call to tell her, “I love my resume!”,  “I’m getting calls for interviews!”,  or  “I got the job!”



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