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Interview Preparation

Your dream career is within reach!

You’ve updated your resume, sent it with your job application and a great cover letter, and scored an interview. Congratulations! How should you prepare for this interview? Are you hoping to go in and be yourself and let your expertise ring true? You might need to rethink that. Interviewers come with their own biases, goals, and experience. If you don’t interview well or the way they expect you to, even if you’re the most qualified candidate, it’s unlikely you will get a second interview or a job offer.

Interview Coaching and Interview Practice

Whether it’s early in your career, you’ve had the same job for a while, or you are returning to the working world after being displaced or retiring, career coaching for interviews can be incredibly useful.

How we could help you:

  • First Impressions – Statistics show that even if your interview lasts 40 minutes, the interviewer started making up their mind about you in the first two. 

  • Interview Practice – Your career coach will help with questions that might be asked of you in the interview. Through practice and role play, we’ll show you how to be confident while remaining authentic, providing valuable feedback regarding your performance.

  • Interview Follow-up – Thank-you notes written within 24 hours after the interview can add an 80% chance of being positively remembered by the interviewer. We can advise you in doing this.


Executive Resumes and Interview Coaching

Companies looking to fill executive positions assess applicants for applicable skills, demeanor, and leadership potential. In executive interview coaching, we help you showcase your character qualities, accomplishments, and experiences that are appropriate for the position for which you are interviewing and help you prepare to answer executive interview questions. These positions often take longer to acquire, involving an extensive interview process with multiple department heads and even a board of directors. It’s critical to know what to expect and to be ready for it. 


We can walk you through the process of regular and executive resume writing, career coaching, and interview preparation. We are committed to seeing you reach your career goals. Schedule your free initial consultation today!

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