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Career Planning & Vocational Assessments

Your dream career is within reach!

Career planning requires both proper evaluation and assessment as a foundation for exploring and making decisions. Career Coaching has become a vital tool to help clients create and reach personal career objectives in a world with multiple candidates competing for the same positions.


Career coaching is not just for entry-level job-seekers. Statistics show that a high percentage of working people will change careers and even industries at some point in their life. If approached with the help of a career coach, a career change can be an excellent next step in improving your quality of life. 


Navigating an effective plan to start or change careers requires understanding what skills you have and where they can be best utilized. This preparation will help inform you about where and how to spend your job-seeking time and energy.

Vocational Assessments & When They Are Needed

Understanding your natural strengths, interests, and abilities is crucial to planning your career goals. Several scenarios call for vocational assessment, and you might be surprised that these instances can include anyone from high school age to late in life.

  • Making College Decisions; undergrad and graduate programs

  • Undertrained or requiring additional skills

  • Unemployed or displaced

  • Unhappy or bored with current job or career

  • Beginning a second career after career disruption (divorce, layoffs, industry change)

  • Starting or improving your small business

  • Coming out of retirement


Coaching & Career Paths

At My Career Coach MN, we help our clients throughout the Twin Cities area discover their talents and passions using proven vocational assessment tools. Our nationally certified career coaches can then help you leverage these assets to shape your career path and set you on the track to a better and more satisfying future. Why wait?


Book a Vocational Assessment and Evaluation with My Career Coach MN today.

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