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"​​Emily was very helpful in both encouraging me about opportunities and in creating a resume and LinkedIn profile update that is getting attention.


I have been getting recruiters and companies reaching out to me on a weekly basis about opportunities now that my LinkedIn profile is updated and never had that before."

Senior Director - ML & AI


"I hired Emily 3 months into my job search.  She provided the support I needed at the right time to catapult me forward.


With a new profile and resume, I was equipped to expand my opportunities in a new career vertical, landing my dream job.


She is proficient in highlighting skills and showcasing results in resume writing and LinkedIn profiles. She trained me in methods of searching for the right roles and networking more effectively.


Emily is gifted and empowering her clients to stand firm in who they are and what they have to offer. I recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and support to take a big leap in their career or simply revive their profile and resume to showcase their professional accomplishments.

Katie, Manager of Strategic Partnerships


"I have been in my chosen career for approximately 32 years. During this time, I have worked with individuals from just about every possible industry, including; governments, armed services, heavy construction, chemical manufacturing, etc., and have traveled the world doing so.

Most of us have difficulty putting our careers into the standard 2 pages, let alone making the resume flow to paint a clear picture of our past and present roles. Many times I’ve hired resume writers and career coaches and have met with varying degrees of disappointment. Then, the stars finally aligned, and I stumbled across Emily on LinkedIn. We talked a time or two; I sent her my current mess of a resume, and less than 2 days later, I received Emily’s first draft. Actually, draft is unfair because this was better than any previous resume by far.

Here is the most important message I’d like to relay to you - If you don’t hire Emily, continue to be disappointed. If you listen to my advice and hire her, you will be getting the best resume author and career coach in the industry. You are looking for a new job, or you wouldn’t be reading this. My last job search came down to Emily’s version of my resume, one phone conversation, one face-to-face meeting, and an amazing job offer which I accepted.

I don’t take writing recommendations lightly, although when I do, I will back up every word written. Hire the best, which is Emily, or get used to being in the middle of the pack in the eyes of headhunters, hiring managers, and the folks from HR."

Matt, EHS Manager

resume writing in mn

"Emily quickly revitalized my resume and provided LinkedIn tips. She was professional, upbeat and creative. I received multiple interview opportunities and landed the perfect, new role. I would highly recommend Emily to help you create a new resume or upgrade your current one."

Kara, Supply Chain Manager


"Emily, without a doubt, is a knowledgeable, articulate and wonderful person to work with. Her service and professionalism are second to none.


When it is time to revisit your resume, it's time to bring in the professionals, and I highly recommend you engage Emily.


She will also be in touch with you every step of the process, and always checking in to see how things are going in your search, a personal touch that adds a ton of value."

Renzo, Global Marketing Lead

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"I have just recently worked with Emily for help with my resume.


She was very accommodating with my schedule for our initial call, and her changes to my resume came quickly!


She was able to take what I had already written on my resume and turn it into something that makes me sound like the great candidate I am!


She has already been a great resource as well."

Maggie, Graphic Designer

interview preparation tips

"When looking for some guidance in my career search, I met with several consultants to help me with my resume, my LinkedIn profile, and networking.


Emily turned out to be the perfect fit. She’s bright, energetic, and knows what she’s doing when it comes to maximizing visibility and leveraging social media and other resources to provide an edge.


Emily quickly helped me turn what had been liabilities into assets. She is resourceful, responsive, and effective. And it helps that she is really a nice person, too."

Mark, Product Manager

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"Emily is knowledgeable and skilled in her craft, but her personable nature and sincere care for her clients sets her apart.


She took the time to understand my individual needs and goals and helped me put together a plan that would be impactful and sustainable, with great insights and tips to help me succeed.


I also appreciated her follow ups and notes of encouragement. I feel prepared to seize the right opportunity when it presents itself with her help on my resume and LinkedIn profile."

Joanna, Partnership Manager

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"Emily was extremely professional. She understood my needs and provided guidance beyond what I could have asked for.


She genuinely cares about her clients and I would highly recommend her as a career consultant, business coach or as someone to follow through the internet networking community."

Heidi, Treasury Management

interview preparation tips

"I was recently furloughed from my job and needed to get my resume and profile updated.


Being in the travel industry for over 30 years I needed to show the value of the experience I have acquired and how it can be applied to other positions.


Emily was able to help me with the updates and give me great pointers in a timely matter."

Lora, Travel Advisor

professional resume help minneapolis

"I worked with Emily to update my resume and LinkedIn.


She was amazing to work with; extremely professional, helpful and well versed in the nuances of tuning resumes to fit the requirements.


I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of work on their resume."

Josh, Electrical Engineer

resume help services minneapolis

"I had an initial consultation with Emily.  She listened to my goals and provided me with complementary advice.  I was so impressed that I hired her to update my resume. Emily exceeded my expectations for a resume update and career coaching.


Emily was able to distill my years of experience into a clear and concise resume that highlights my successes.


I absolutely recommend Emily’s services."

Sterling, Product Owner

career coaches near me

"Emily was extremely knowledgeable about what my resume and LinkedIn needed to contain and strategies for finding a great job.


She gave me many tips and I left our meeting feeling confident about my job search.


One of the best investments I have made in helping me find a job post-graduation!


Thank you Emily for being very professional and fun to work with!"

Caelyn, Marketing Data Analyst

executive resume tips

"Emily was amazing to work with. She provided a lot of insight in to my resume and cover letter as well as helpful tips to continue to consider down the road.


She was very consistent and thorough and able to encourage me to think outside of the box as well as to go into the interview with confidence!


Thanks Emily!!"

Brandee, Associate Executive Director

career coach near me

"Emily’s career coaching expertise was exactly what I need to refresh my professional stature.


My resume needed some refreshing, as did my LinkedIn profile, and Emily was diligent in getting to know me and my career aspirations to help better position myself.


Emily is always extremely communicative, strategic, and insightful in her approach and her services were extremely valuable."

Barbara, Integrated Communications Specialist

executive resume format

"For those of you needing or wanting to improve, review, tweak, format, and provide direction as it relates to your resume and or LinkedIn profile, Emily is a great resource.


She is professional, provides great direction, and in the end provides a clean professional resume and LinkedIn profile.


I am very pleased with Emily's work and final product. Thank you Emily!"

Aaron, Sr Operations Leader

executive interview

"I have recently worked with Emily re-engineering my CV - if you think your CV is battle ready and bullet-proof, think again.


With AI and automated systems to sort through thousands of resumes, she knows what fonts are easier to read for both humans and machines, what format works best, and how to tailor your CV based on jobs that you want to apply to. If your CV is not generating interviews,


Emily will certainly help. She's very professional and responsive.


Thanks Emily!"

Ramon, Director of Research and Sr. Engineer

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"I engaged Emily to re-write my resume and spruce up my LinkedIn.


I noticed an immediate improvement in job recommendations matching my capabilities on Linked In.


I am very pleased with my resume as well! Emily worked quickly, established clear expectations, and delivered as promised.


Emily clearly has extensive experience in shaping how her clients present themselves in their best light, and she was a pleasure to work with.


Highly recommend!"

Paula, Senior VP of Banking

career advisor near me

Emily was kind enough to meet up with me to help really harness the power of my resume and LinkedIn.


She was really responsive and considerate in her recommendations on changes to my resume/LinkedIn.


It felt like a very collaborative experience. The entire hour was used and it was engaging the whole way. She even had tips and tricks before meeting.


I couldn't have asked for a better experience with such a "not fun" task. It was a relaxed environment and a hugely productive hour."

Stephanie, QA Analyst

executive interview tips

"Emily consulted me on career and personal strengths and has an inner insight that is amazing when it comes to evaluating what you may be a good fit for in your career.


She knows how to read people's strengths really well and match them to what may be a fulfilling career route.


She's also skilled in resume building and reviewing. Very professional and will take the time to answer your questions at any time!


Highly recommend!"

Ryan, Digital Media Consultant

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"Working with Emily to update my resume was a great experience. 


Emily answered all my questions and asked questions to get to know me, my background and my experience.


Last, but not least, her turn around time was excellent!"

Sarah, Corporate Attorney

find a career coach near me

"Emily made me feel comfortable and heard. She helped me distinguish my values and goals and helped me make the right career decision.


I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to advance their career or those looking for a change in careers."

Sonia, Consultant

career coaching services near me

"Emily was amazing at helping me update my resume.


She was easy to work with and supplied me with so many resources. She is professional and I felt really understood what I was looking for in a resume. She really tailored my resume to fit my job search and my update Linkedin page looks amazing. 

I would confidently recommend Emily. "

Tracy, Media Specialist

behavioral interview questions and answers for management positions

"Emily is the professional that I was looking for and needed.


She is really committed to help me, listen to me and understand my needs and challenges.


I want to thank Emily for the quality of her work, her interest and professionalism."

Javier, Operations Leader

first time manager interview questions and answers

"I had not updated my resume in over 10 years and Emily came to my rescue.


She helped explain the changes needed and how those changes impact my chances of getting an interview.


Emily completely re-wrote my cover letter and went to great lengths to make sure I understood how to customize it for each opportunity.


She also went above and beyond to help me with my LinkedIn profile to ensure I was giving the correct impressions.


I would recommend Emily to anyone out there that is looking for some resume and career coaching help."

Jon, Plant Superintendant

executive interview preparation

"I hired Emily as a career coach and she was fantastic to work with.  She took the time to understand me, my past experience, what motivates me and where I want to go, then helped me with preparing for an interview.


This was the first time I had sought out someone for this purpose and I can say that I would do it again without question. It is one of those investments that you didn't know you needed until you try it for the first time but I attribute this experience entirely to Emily.


Her advice helped me feel confident, prepared, and cause a great impression. She also always went the extra mile, including offering to review follow up emails and checking in on how things were progressing.


I have no doubt that I will be working with Emily again in the future and recommending her to friends and colleagues.."

Nohemi, Engineering Manager

executive level interview questions to ask employer

"Emily, It has been a pleasure working with you!


I am impressed with your knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and the way you efficiently help with any situation.


I have enjoyed our time working together, you respond quickly to any concern or question, you respond rapidly to all documents that are needed, your technical knowledge amazes me.


I appreciate your encouragement and ability to be flexible in this environment.


I wholeheartedly recommend you to EVERYONE who is looking to polish their profiles, CV or resumes.


Thank you for your hard work and effort, it is appreciated more than you can imagine."

Carol, MSL Senior Manager

interview questions for executive director

"I strongly recommend Emily Goldstein as a career coach.


I was immediately impressed with Emily's knowledge of organizational culture, human resources, and group dynamics.


I employed all of the tactics she recommended and walked into my job interview feeling prepared and confident.


I felt very much at ease practicing my interview skills with her. She took the fear out of the entire process. The follow up process after the interview also proved important.  


A "thank you" will never be enough to describe my gratitude."

Julie, Executive Director

ceo interview tips

"I came to Emily for help re-writing my resume. I initially reached out to her for a quote, she scheduled a quick phone conversation, then we met on Zoom for a longer chat, at a later date.


She was extremely professional from the get go, and easy to work with!


Not only did she walk me through the resume and my skills, but she helped explain the ins and outs of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium.


I asked her to re-work my resume to show my skills in a different area of my field. She brought my task listed resume, to a professional and achievement based design!


Since then, she has checked in a couple times to see how it was going and to ask if she could help with anything else. I would recommend Emily to anyone looking for help with a resume, LinkedIn profile etc."

Vanessa, Health Promotions


"Emily was great to work with on polishing up my career materials.


She was open, she was professional, she asked great questions and she was prompt in her work. 


I enjoyed and learned a lot with the process. Thanks Emily!"

Amy, VP of Creative Services

best resume help

"Emily Goldstein is creative, ambitious, and resourceful. Emily has extensive experience with resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, salary negotiation, and additional aspects of career development.


Emily helps individuals and groups with setting goals, managing ADHD in the workplace, branding, networking, and tapping the hidden job market.


I recommend that you get to know Emily. She will help you shine."

Marie, Master Trainer, Educator and PhD

executive director interview questions

"Emily is so knowledgeable and personable. She listens to what you are looking for in your career and gives excellent advice along the way. As a recent college graduate, I am looking to display my skills and education in my resume, and Emily did just that. Don’t think twice; invest in yourself and trust Emily. I plan to continue to use Emily’s coaching services in the future. Thank you for listening, Emily!"

Maria, Operations Manager


"Emily was a great asset for me during a challenging time in my career.


She helped me revise my resume and crafted a wonderful cover letter for me.


While working with Emily, I was impressed with her knowledge and quick response time. I would highly recommend Emily and her skillset!"

Lisa, HR Business Partner


"Emily was an absolute ace at helping me polish up my resume and an absolute delight to work with.


I highly recommend her and plan on working with her again in the future!"

Lindsay, Digital Experience Strategist

career coaching services near me

"Emily is a great partner, easy to work with and adept at capturing key strengths and experiences in a succinct manner that is translates effectively to resumes and cover letters.


She offers a broad range of services to accommodate whatever assistance you needin your professional journey. I highly recommend her services! "

Dennis, COO


"Emily truly cares about her customers and goes above and beyond to understand your needs.


I hired Emily to update my resume and assist me with interview preparation.


She helped me to reinvigorate my career. I highly recommend Emily for all services she provides."

Sanjaya, Continuous Improvement Engineer


"Emily was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her. She exceeded my expectations and was great to work with. Her approach is spot on - knowledgeable, professional, and available. She provided objective and helpful feedback on my resume and LinkedIn profile to give me the validation and confidence going forward. She excels at explaining what she will do, then executing with high-quality work quickly. She is awesome to work with."

Luke, VP of Total Rewards


I" was in desperate need to get back on my career path after a long and very interesting year. I reached out to Emily and it was the best decision I could have made! She was calm, knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely was there to help me succeed. The process was unbelievably quick and she was accessible the entire time! She truly created the perfect professional structure for me to build upon. Thank you so very much, Emily!"

Jack, Draftperson


"Emily is an enthusiastic and competent resume/cover letter writer. I found her process to be sequential, valuable, and efficient. Her attention to detail is high and her ability to focus on client needs  exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Emily in the future."

Derek, President


"I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Ms. Emily Goldstein over the past few months.  Ms. Goldstein was hired to help update my resume, develop cover letters, and ensure mailings were received by the intended recipients.  She did a wonderful job on my behalf.

Ms. Goldstein is a professional in every sense of the word; direct, knowledgeable, and professional." 

Steve, COO


"Emily was responsive, easy to work with, and created an excellent resume for me to use during my job search"

Josh, Treasury Analyst


"Emily is a phenomenal career coach! She's extremely helpful, resourceful and professional. She was tremendous help when I was looking for a new opportunity - from brainstorming potential options, revising my resume, LinkedIn page as well as preparation for interviews. Emily has a strong pulse on the local market and provided valuable information about companies and their hiring strategies. I'd certainly recommend Emily to any of my friends/colleagues when they're looking for their next opportunity."

Amy, Sales Manager


"I had the pleasure of working with Emily. She customized everything to my needs vs something that was cookie cutter. She as friendly as she is professional and I've enjoyed keeping in touch with her."

Mark, Director of Sales


"Emily truly cares about her customers and goes above and beyond to understand your needs.


I hired Emily to update my resume and assist me with interview preparation.


She helped me to reinvigorate my career. I highly recommend Emily for all services she provides."

Sanjaya, Continuous Improvement Engineer


"I recently looked to Emily for help in modernizing my resume, as well as my LinkedIn profile. She is a wealth of information and has great insight regarding the use of professional platforms and building networks. Emily was professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Whether you are looking to make a career move or just need to fine-tune a resume, I would highly recommend contacting Emily. Thank you, Emily!"

Nichole, Tissue Regeneration


I worked with Emily while trying to update my resume as this was a task I had not completed in many years. I was not looking for a new job but was looking to refresh my resume as it had been 8+ years. Emily took the time to learn about me, my current role and what my interests for my career are in order to tailor my resume. Emily also helped update my LinkedIn and provide me best practices for managing that tool and leveraging it as a valuable tool in my current role. The engagement with Emily was great and I would recommend her to any of my peers.

Jason, Key Account Manager


I discovered Emily while searching for help with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Emily provided exactly what I needed and really took the time to understand my goals. She was great to work with and helped me land an amazing new job that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

Jason, Regional Sales Manager


Emily was a great help in creating an update resume and cover letter. She was responsive, prompt and easy to work with!

Patrick, Solution Strategist


""Emily was a phenomenal source for me when my career was at a standstill and I was thinking about making a whole career change. Throughout the process, she walked me through how to better market my resume also how best to search for keywords on job postings. Her services allowed me to land two offers after connecting with her. I would recommend Emily to anyone that is looking to make a push in the career. Very resourceful in the service she provides! Thank you, Emily!! 

Mahad, Network Support Engineer


""Emily is extremely thorough and detailed in the work she provides her clients. She was instrumental in sharing insights and tips during the job search process, as well as assisting in a complete resume revamp. I credit her ability to communicate and articulate flawlessly for helping me land a job! Emily is also quick to follow up, which was extremely encouraging and helpful for a discouraged job seeker. From resume/writing help to LinkedIn advice to career guidance, I would highly encourage using My Career Coach MN. I will be quick to recommend Emily to other connections!

Lauren, Sr. Marketing Analyst


" Emily is a great career coach! She is very resourceful, knowledgeable and very professional. She is a pleasure to work with. She cared and paid attention to my career goals and helped me build a great resume and overall professional profile. I would recommend Emily without any hesitation!."

Janhavi, Energy Analyst


"Emily's approach is personable and professional. I appreciate Emily's hands-on approach and incredible ability to translate my career history and career goals into something tangible. I cannot recommend her enough."

Brian, SR. HRBP


"I reached out to Emily as I sought to transition my career from one industry to another. Emily seamlessly updated my resume, sell sheet and linkedin page to reflect my professional experience to date, and my new skills and goals. Emily offers terrific expertise and value. Thanks, Emily!"

Jen, Sr. Director at General Mills


"Emily was a huge help when I was looking for job! . I highly recommend Emily for anyone that is; searching for a new job, prepping for an interview or need help putting together a resume. She helped make my resume look professional and eye-catching for potential employers. She took time to help prep for upcoming interviews with mock questions and gave constructive feedback on what an interviewer may ask. Finally she help revamp my LinkedIn profile and showed me many tricks you can use with in to help search for an attractive job. Thanks again Emily for your help!"

Jeff, Sr. Accountant


"I was not looking to update my resume and LinkedIn to look for a new job, but to accurately portray the career I've had. Emily understood that and helped me to find the words I was missing to describe my abilities. She was easy to work with, clear in her communication, deliverables and timelines, and worked around my schedule. I'm so happy with the final product!"

Karrie, Sr. Regional Director


""A true genius! Emily has assisted me a couple times with both my resume and LinkedIn profile. Her ability to take job responsibilities and highlight your accomplishments is truly remarkable. She has a talent for understanding the industry norms when it comes to resumes and what gets you noticed. In less than a week, I was already getting interview requests. I know without Emily’s help, I would not be getting the same attention."

Jared, Assistant Vice President


"Emily was amazing! I initially connected with her when I was laid off and was uber stressed about getting a resume done and wanted it done in 3-5 days. Shame on me for not being more patient but had another company do it and wasn’t happy so reached out to her with my tail between my legs asking if she can help and she did. She was amazing and engaging, more than I could have asked of her. I have had an amazing career which had not needed a resume till now (shame on me) and she was so great. I would strongly recommend Emily, thank you so much! 

Kathy, VP of Purchasing


"Emily is a wonderful wordsmith and has great attention to detail. She is very responsive to questions and offered truly valuable advice. I highly recommend Emily and plan to reach out should I need her services again in the future."

Heather, AVP


"It was an easy and professional experience working with Emily. Five Stars, would recommend."

Chad, Sales Leader


"Emily is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to job applications, skill transferability, resume writing and overall tips for success in landing a new role. I was very happy with everything she coached me through while job seeking. The market is completely different from 2 years ago, and I wouldn’t have been able to land so many interviews without her help. I would recommend her help for anyone seeking a transition. Thank you, Emily!"

Bri, Customer Success Manager


"Emily was a pleasure to work with...timely, courteous and very helpful. She was able to help me scope my project, answered the related questions I had throughout the process, and delivered a thoughtful and polished finished product."

Aaron, Director of of Sales Ops


"Working with Emily was a pleasure. She made this process extremely easy and provided me with invaluable information that helped me improve my resume and LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their resume and LinkedIn profile."

Josh, Network Services Manager


"I was not looking to update my resume and LinkedIn to look for a new job, but to accurately portray the career I've had. Emily understood that and helped me to find the words I was missing to describe my abilities. She was easy to work with, clear in her communication, deliverables and timelines, and worked around my schedule. I'm so happy with the final product!"

Kristin, Sales Manager


"I noticed after applicant tracking systems became the norm, response rates to online job applications plummeted. My resume would end up garbled in the Applicant Tracking Systems. After Emily updated my resume and LinkedIn, I noticed a huge increase in responses and interview requests, which led to multiple job offers, resulting in a long-term contract with a fantastic organization and an increased rate. My resume now seamlessly imports into applicant tracking systems. Thank You, Emily!"

Sterling, Product Leader


"Emily is fantastic at what she does. I couldn’t be happier with working with. I am grateful for the responses and guidance, which have helped me in my interviews. I highly recommend her services!"

Jeff, HR


"Emily is extremely responsive and helpful during a critical time in your career search. She is a consummate professional and works extremely hard to help her clients. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Emily and how critical here work is to landing your dream role! Thank You, Emily!"

Craig, Director of Sales


"Emily is extremely knowledgeable and personable. I reached out to her to help me update my resume after working for the same company for the last 18 years. She made the process seamless and worked very quickly. I am so happy I found her. I would definitely recommend her!"

Julianna, VP Marketing


"She was professional and very insightful, I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a career coach. She's a rock star!"

Margarette, CPA

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